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Royal Ceramics is to form the joint venture, the co-venturing partners contribute funds, goods or equipment at the outset..

The proportion which each partner contributes can be 50% each, or it can be in unequal amounts

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Royal Ceramics is an upcoming industry here in Bangladesh where we can produce international quality product tableware export oriented. For import tableware you can contact USA office

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Whenever you open letter of credit from any bank will not be an issue.

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People can invest here without any hesitation as a partner or joint venture.

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Everything is safe while you are doing business with us and committed accordingly.

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From the very inception of RCL we had the aim of using raw materials available in Bangladesh or any other foreign countries in manufacturing quality Wall, Homogeneous tiles or Terracotta roof tiles. Terracotta Ceramic manufacturing is used to produce commercial products that are very variety in size, shape, detail, difficulty, and material composition, structure, and cost.

The aim of manufacturing processing to an applied ceramic science is the natural result of an increasing ability to refine, develop, and characterize ceramic materials.

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Depending on the specific production processes, plants manufacturing ceramic products cause emissions to be released into air, water and land. Additionally, the environment can be affected by noise and unpleasant smells. The type and quantity of air pollution, wastes and waste water depend on different parameters. These parameters are, the raw materials used, the auxiliary agents employed, the fuels used and the production methods:


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We provide the message for best quality products and very competitive price on the market. Our target is to build a long term business relationship with our customers. Outstanding quality is our promise to every single customer. We hope you would be our next business partner. And hence overseas entrepreneur is welcomed for JV as well. I wish we will success in this continuous improvement process for this group.

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I look forward to working with stakeholders of this group, and I wish all success of Royal Group in the long journey for the upcoming years.

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Clay raw materials are widely distributed throughout Europe, so ceramic products like bricks which are relatively inexpensive (but which incur high transport costs due to their weight) are manufactured in virtually all Member States. Building traditions and heritage considerations result in different unit sizes from country to country. More specialised products which command higher prices tend to be mainly produced in a few countries, which have the necessary special raw materials and – equally important – traditions of skill and expertise.

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    The message of Tile Factory manufactures a combination of pressed and extruded tiles in various sizes, textures and finishes, while the Sanitary ware factory manufactures a wide range of Vitreous China sanitary ware, the main message being on water closets, basins and pedestals

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    Firing of ceramic bodies induces time-temperature transformation of the constituent minerals, usually into a mixture of new minerals and glassy phases. Characteristic properties of ceramic products include high strength, wear resistance, long service life, chemical inertness and non- toxicity, resistance to heat and fire, and sometimes also a specific porosity.

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